As I said, this is my chosen career, my calling if you will. I practice Gestalt and Body Process counselling and psychotherapy and also offer supervision. Additionally, I teach a few related workshops with my wife who is also a counsellor (I'm going to use that word from now on 'cos it's more friendly). You can find out more from our websiteOpens in a new window if you're interested.

One of the main reasons that I got into counselling was because of a close friend who was suffering from quite deep depression (the other reaons are what I pay my therapist to listen to me talking about), I wanted to 'help' her out and everything I did or said seemed not to have the opposite effect to what I intended. Of course I now know that I can't 'help' her, she can only help herself and I can only support her through it. I now know what not to say to her though, saying things like "snap out of it" and "pick yourself up" simply don't help people who are depressed. If you have a friend who is suffering from depression go and GoogleOpens in a new window what not to say. From a counselling point of view I wouldn't have been much use to her either as I was too close to the situation, if you know someone who is having counselling and are confused as to why talking to a stranger is better for them than talking to a friend, that is one of the reasons. Friends are rarely qualified counsellors either, and if they are they are too close to the situation to be much help, etc, etc, etc...

For my psychotherapy diploma dissertation I researched Reichian character structuresOpens in a new window, which was interesting. I built a web site which used a couple of uploaded photos to assess a person based on their character structure. I think this is the only time that all three of the things I [like to] do have ever really come together.

I like to do as many workshops and courses as I can afford in order to grow professionally and personally, at the time of writing this I have just completed a PTLLS course at Plymouth City CollegeOpens in a new window, literally, the last session was earlier this evening.. In early 2012 I will be doing a CBT course, it will be an interesting task to find a way to assimilate CBT into my Gestalt & Body Process work.